Couple hit with lifetime animal ban and fine in ‘worst case RSPCA had ever seen’

A couple who starved almost 30 neglected animals and left them in a terrible condition have been banned from keeping animals for life.

John Evans, 45, and Lisa Evans, 35, from the West Midlands, left the animals in trapped enclosed spaces that were covered with faeces.

The animals had no access to food or water and some were so malnourished that their ribs and hips could be seen poking through their skin.

Others were in such poor conditions and were in desperate need of veterinary help.

The case has been described as among the worst the RSPCA has dealt with.

The team were able to rescue a total of 18 dogs, three cats, six horses and a donkey.

These animals were kept in kennels, sheds, shipping containers, horse boxes and vans, all within a scrap yard just behind the couple’s property.

Some animals were also found dead, including a kitten, the body of a decomposed puppy and the skull of another animal.

The couple were banned for life from owning animals following a prosecution by the RSPCA, and John Evans was ‘locked up’, BirminghamLive reported.

The RSPCA were called to the couple’s address by West Midlands Police at about 9pm on July 29 last year, after concerns were raised for the welfare of animals at the property.

Rescuers were forced to use head torches as they searched the scrap yard and property, initially discovering six horses – including three foals curled up together in a heap on the floor.

RSPCA inspector, Jack Alderson said: “This enclosure was too small for this number of animals. There was no hay or any other food available and although there was a large black trough in front of me, it contained nothing.

“The floor was completely sodden with a large build-up of faeces and the roof wasn’t large enough to cover the animals inside. This was compounded by the numerous hazards dotted around the enclosure including gates and ladders on the floor.”

Another horse was found inside a pen, with no food or water. The horse’s ribs and hips were ‘clearly visible’.

The rescuers also noticed that the access point of the pen had been heavily blocked with doors, pallets and large objects. Two kittens, a dead kitten and the skull of an animal were found in the area.

Mr Alderson said: “Upon opening the door to the shed, both live kittens rushed to get out.

“Both were in very poor body condition and were calling frantically to show they were very hungry.”

Horses and dogs were also found covered in faeces and inside spaces with no food or water.

In the house two puppies were found in a crate with no bedding, food or water. The place contained children’s toys, urine and faeces with no space to sit down or rest.

Mr Alderson said: “The conditions in this enclosure were also horrendous.

“The floor consisted of animal faeces and there was no comfortable rest area. The mastiff was in a concerning state, clearly suffering from a painful eye issue, a lack of adequate nutrition, and living in filth.

“This was one of the worst animal welfare situations I have ever been faced with.”

Both John Evans and Lisa Evans faced sentences by the Coventry Magistrates Court. John was jailed for 16 weeks while Lisa Evans was handed a 12-week sentence, suspended for 12 months.

The couple must also pay £500 in costs and a £128 victim surcharge.