Labrador puppies ‘dumped like rubbish’ set to fight crime with police

A litter of adorable puppies who were “discarded like rubbish” in a crate by the road have got a bright future ahead working with the police. The Labrador pups were just 10 to 12 weeks old when they were discovered “skinny, terrified and mange-ridden” near the A249 in Kent.

Traumatised by their horrific start to life, the golden dogs were initially too scared to even leave the crate. One young pup named Achilles sadly didn’t survive and died from a mysterious illness, but thankfully his six ‘fox red’ siblings were nursed back to health by a stray dog service.

After just a couple of weeks under the council’s care, the puppies have had two vaccines, are microchipped and look full of life.

They are now off to a foster family where they’ll get to live as puppies until they’re mature enough to begin their training, and if they don’t make the cut, they’ll be privately rehomed.

A spokesperson for Swale Borough Council’s Stray Dog Service said: “This may be the cutest picture we’ve posted all year, don’t the pups look fantastic?

“They’ve just come back from their second vaccinations and are bright eyed and bushy tailed, a far cry from when we picked them up just a few weeks ago.

“Now they’re almost back to full health, we’re finally able to share what their futures hold. In a few weeks time, we’ll be saying a very teary goodbye as the pups move to foster homes, taking the first step in their careers as sniffer dogs for the prison service.

“We know that by making this choice we open ourselves up to negativity, as it isn’t what everyone deems to be a happy ending, but we’re overjoyed for our babies.

“They’ll live their first year with foster families, getting to be puppies and mature a bit before starting their training. Any pups who don’t make the cut will be rehomed privately so really, everyone wins.

“Just think, they’ve gone from being discarded like rubbish to having a future fighting crime, what an amazing turnaround.

“Kelly and Billy have done a phenomenal job caring for the pups and we couldn’t be more grateful. As always, thank you for your support.”

The puppies’ rescuers have been applauded by dog lovers online, with one person saying: “Dogs with jobs! What an absolutely perfect outcome after a wretched start.”

As the rising cost of living puts immense financial pressures on households across the UK, a record number of pets are being abandoned on the streets and in rescue centres.

According to the RSPCA, the number of animals being dumped is rapidly rising with a 17 percent increase from 2020 to 2021 and a 24 percent increase in 2022.

The animal charity’s frontline team discovered five newborn puppies left to die on a front doorstep in Morden, South London, on Sunday.

Heartbreaking photos show the young litter huddling together in a blanket to keep warm.

It is estimated three of the dogs are around five weeks old, and the littlest two pups just days old.

It comes days after five newborn puppies with umbilical cords still attached were abandoned in the woods in Sheffield.

They were only hours old and “extremely vulnerable”, but thankfully received emergency round-the-clock care.